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DO you travel for shoots?

MY FAVORITE QUESTION. Hell. Yes. I would love to travel to your location, or meet you in your dream destination! I charge an out of state & international travel fee (pre-calculated & included in my quotes).
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Utah is my home, so I'm able to offer a lengthy list of locations & dates for your session here! My first priority is booking weddings & elopements while traveling, but if you'd like to book a session with me in a location that isn't Utah, shoot me a message! Most of the time we can work something out :)

How Long until I get my photos ?

How Long until I get my photos ?

From the time of your shoot or wedding, you will receive 20+ sneak peek photos via email within 48 hours. I know you are as excited as I am to see your photos, so quick return is important to me! (Also I have absolutely zero patience, so I get it if you’re excited + impatient too!) On your full album, expect a return time of 3-4 weeks for sessions and 5-6 weeks for full wedding & elopement albums. This gives me enough time to be efficient and creative for your photos! Trust me, they’re worth the wait. 

How do you deliver my photos?

How do you deliver my photos?

For photo delivery, everything is digital. I send both your sneak peeks and your full album through a link in your email. I use a photo delivery program that is super simple and showcases your album beautifully! For photo access, remember these 4 easy steps: 

Open the email I sent you notifying you your album is finished

Copy the 4-digit PIN (this is a secret passcode that keeps your photos safe!)

Click on the link that says “View Photos”

There are 3 dots in the corner of the album- Click on them, click “download”, and enter your email & 4-digit PIN!

I am always available if you have any questions at all about downloading your photos! 

What Types of Sessions Do You Offer? 

90% of all the work I do + dream about involves wedding & couple photography. Couples and weddings are so fun to shoot because I LOVE capturing LOVE! 

I enjoy shooting a variety of shoots— Most recently I’ve dove into the world of Adventure Branding + Marketing and I’m addicted!

Family & senior shoots are rare for me- because of my wedding workload, the majority of my availability for those are slim. I occasionally offer mini session days for seniors or families! All of that availability will be posted on my Instagram as it comes up.

How far in advance should we book with you?

My availability for weekend adventures (typically weddings & elopements) fills up between 8 & 12 months in advance. Weekday adventures tend to fill up closer to 2-4 months in advance.

I'm sure you've heard this many times, but I genuinely mean it when I say the sooner you reach out the better! It's the worst feeling to have to turn away a couple because their date has already been taken!