Looking for your next inspiring adventure?

Do you dream of shooting adventurous breathtaking content, but can't seem to book your dream client?

Are you dying to explore canyons in an ATV & hike through national parks, but don't want to do it alone?

Maybe you're in a creative hole & craving something that pushes your boundaries...

     You've found your space. 

that's where I c0me in!


Jessie Lyn Photography


    created for dreamers. by a dreamer.

The reason I'm so excited to share this knowledge with other creatives is because I've been there. I was struggling with navigating the photography world not that long ago.

My business foundation was made out of jello, potential clients were slipping through the cracks because I had no client management system in place, & I'm ashamed to say it but I wasn't excited about the weddings I was booking.

There were only a handful of other
creatives shooting in locations
 I had on my bucket list, and
 I knew it was a world I had
to be a part of. 

I've  been  there 

The absolute joy & gratitude I have now as I plan out my years' adventures is unlike anything I could've ever imagined for my life. The energy I'm putting in is returned ten-fold. At 22 years old I'm experiencing the world & making my own memories, but more importantly, I'm extremely lucky to be documenting couples' adventures & love stories. There is this beautiful balance of respect, trust, art, & energy that I finally learned how to create. 

Which is what we're here for.

I believe there is room for everyone's success & it would be my honor to be a small part of yours. 

so let's get it!

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application cut-off date: April 1, 2023