Romantic Wedding Adventure in the Desert

A Luxurious Moab Wedding Adventure: Rachel & Fransisco’s Love Story

Rachel and Fransisco’s wedding day began with a journey to a cliff-side location above the desert, where the sun greeted them with its warm embrace. As Rachel donned her exquisite gown, Fransisco marveled at the beauty surrounding them, eagerly awaiting their first look. Their emotions overflowed as they shared a heartfelt moment, encapsulating the pure essence of their love.

luxury romantic moab desert wedding at red earth venue and dead horse point state park | best of utah wedding photographers and venues

Why Moab Is the Perfect Wedding Destination

Moab, with its stunning desert landscapes and breathtaking vistas, offers an unparalleled backdrop for a luxurious wedding adventure. The Hoodoo Moab Casitas provided the ideal setting for morning preparations, filled with laughter and champagne toasts. The Red Earth Venue, nestled in a picturesque canyon, exudes romance and charm, making it the perfect location for a memorable ceremony and reception. The Red Earth Venue is my favorite Moab wedding venue!

A Dream Wedding Venue: The Red Earth Venue

The Red Earth Venue in Moab is a hidden gem, boasting spectacular views and exquisite surroundings that elevate any wedding celebration. From the captivating florals to the sparkling chandeliers, every detail at this venue is designed to create an enchanting atmosphere. As far as wedding venues go, Red Earth Venue is amazing. The warmth of the desert sun and the rugged beauty of the landscape serve as a stunning backdrop, ensuring unforgettable moments captured in every photograph.

Moab: Home to Exceptional Vendors and Services

Moab is not only known for its natural beauty but also for its exceptional wedding vendors who excel in providing top-notch services. From talented photographers like myself to skilled florists and caterers, Moab boasts a wealth of professionals dedicated to making your dream wedding a reality. The Red Earth Venue, in particular, stands out for its impeccable service and attention to detail, promising an unforgettable experience for couples and their guests alike.

Consider Your Own Moab Wedding Adventure

For couples seeking a wedding experience filled with adventure, romance, and natural beauty, Moab is the ultimate destination. Whether exchanging vows atop a desert cliff or dancing under the starlit sky, the possibilities are endless in this magical desert oasis. With exquisite venues like The Red Earth Venue and a wealth of local vendors ready to bring your vision to life, your Moab wedding will be nothing short of extraordinary. Moab is the greatest venue for your wedding.

and if you listen, very carefully, you may still be able to hear Chris Stapleton’s voice singing “Joy Of My Life” as it echoed off of the canyon walls while R & F danced the night away.

Sunrise adventures & tearful private vows, paired with one of the wildest getting ready crews of the year, makes for quite the start to an iconic wedding day. @theredearthvenue was once again such a unique & perfect venue for this desert celebration, & the details truly could not have been better. (Check out my story for a real-time reaction of what most of the guests looked like as they walked up to experience it all for the first time 😉

R & F’s luxury Moab wedding adventure was such a fitting & beautiful celebration of two inspiring individuals! Every single person in attendance was radiating joy & some incredible fashion choices🔥

The Bison Bar – Bar carts and beverage service

Katie Livingston – Makeup artistry

Rachel Leonard – Bride

Galia Lahav – Dress

Moab Private Chef – Appetizers, dinner and dessert service

Sweet Serendipity Cakes – Cutting cake and cupcakes

Lantis Fireworks – Fireworks display

Tamara Freida – Ceremony music performance

Don Woodbury – DJ and entertainment

Ivie Floral Co. – Floral Artistry

Jessie Glover – Photography

The Lavatory – luxury restrooms

MoonLight Utah – Pergola, chandeliers and waterfall lighting

Summit Party Rentals – Table top settings, barware and lounge

Moab Express – Guest Transportation

The Red Earth Venue

The Hoodoo curio collection – Bridal party Accommodations

Terra Vida Events – Planning and Coordination team


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